Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

Yes, Yes I know I said I would post every Friday but I promise seeing the pictures on this post will make it worth the wait :).
What is it about a dressed up baby that is just so friggin cute that no one
can resist sneaking a peak? There is nothing cuter than little kids in their costumes.

Exibit A The Very Sleepy Elephant

Exibit B A Very Sleepy Elephant And His Sleepy Lady Bug Friend :)
Aren't they adorable?

Halloween is such a fun time of year. I love the season, the holiday and the month.

October is my favorite month for many reasons

The colors change

I married my best friend this month (one year ago!! WOW)

The air is crisp and clean (well mostly)

And Halloween of course.

I think Halloween is a fun holiday. I think it's exciting and almost magical for little kids. I don't think it's evil or bad. Although I know there are some people who do think this and to each their own. But I would like to know. . .

What are your thoughts on Halloween?

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Jennifer said...

Love it! It's one of the few times that adults along with children, let go, play and have fun. It's also the only time when you can go door to door and people are actually friendly. They even reward you for knocking on their door!